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Kathleen Miller

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“Painting is concerned with all the ten attributes of sight, which are: Darkness, Light, Strength and Color, Form and Position, Distance and Relationship, Motion and Rest” (Leonardo da Vinci). This has always been an influence on Kathy’s artwork. She was first exposed to lessons by accompanying her mother to classes, when she was in high school. The remainder of her training was from private tutors, and self-education, which afforded a vast experience for her in the field of art. Kathy believes that all of Creation has art and beauty within it, and each area of art expresses the inner creativity. The venue chosen by Kathy for this expression is the canvas and paints and brushes. With the understanding that her pieces are revelations of the Creation from within, there is freedom from threats of “making mistakes.” This translates into greater latitude in subject matter and amount of detail, and freedom from the necessity of external approval.