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Johanna Quizel

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Medical assistant employment will certainly go nowhere but up, just as anything medical will do. There are a number of reasons for this, but primarily this is mostly attributable to factors such as newly up-and-coming medical technology, grave troubles concerning obesity as well as diabetes, the prevention of heart disease as well heart disease itself, and most obviously the aging population. If you want to start your medical career, learn how to write a nurse resume and create your LinkedIn profile. For instance the aging population is totally unparalleled, as it has never happened before in our human history. It is said that you will feel more rapid aging in the twenty-first century than even in the last century. Interestingly enough it is going to be a global phenomenon. Worse yet, is the fact that the phenomenon is enduring, will certainly will not return to a younger population. When everything is factored in which includes growth rates, labor force participation, life expectancy, median ages, the aging index, the parent support ratio, the survival rate, the total fertility rate and the dependency ratio all taken into consideration, there is visible proof that you are headed for the older population growing at a significantly quicker rate than the worlds total population. The effect of that on jobs that are somewhat or directly related to medical needs, means that the demand for those individuals will be extremely high. The demand for general health care as well as specifics such as employment for medical assistants will positively surge. We will also see a global non-participation in the labor force. This means that less and less people over the age of 65 will want to continue working, whereas in the last century it was something that older people wanted to do, whether they needed to economically or they saw it as a learning opportunity, the reasons for this are innumerable. Many evinced the thought that to keep working kept them young, but with the multitude of entertainment and things to do around the world, the older people seem to no longer see any wisdom in keeping on working. Medical assistants will be making more money in the future as well, due to the fact that their responsibilities will also rise, as more knowledge will be needed to fulfill the duties of a medical assistant, such as the dressing of minor wounds, the taking of EKGs, sterilizing equipment, taking a patients vitals as well as drawing of blood and getting urine samples. All of this will be in addition to maintenance of patient records, setting up appointments with specialists and testing locations, calling in the prescriptions for patients and explaining their insurance coverage for them. These responsibilities are possibly in addition to the normal office work required to keep a doctors office going, though it appears that more and more outside companies are performing transcribing work as well as accounting and billing work for medical offices. Although at the moment there are no degrees necessary to enter any schooling to become a medical assistant, it is thought that in the future there will be some sort of degree mandated to become a medical assistant. However at the moment there are none required and the medical assistant employment field is wide open to those who wish to enter it.


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