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Nanci Smith

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My path to art was not traditional. I earned both a Masters and a Doctorate in a Biological Psychology field from UCONN. For the last 18 years, I was at home, educating my 6 children. While teaching them art, I taught myself. We integrated art into all aspects of learning. It was fun! I did some freelance work for famed colored pencil artist Ann Kullberg. I was a project manager for one of her many books, in which I got to contact artists from all over the world to be included in her book. I also wrote two articles for her COLOR Magazine (November and December 2015) on the healing power of art. I believe strongly in the healing power of art. Art played a huge role for my family in coping with issues around my son's autism. Now it's time for me to pursue art. I'm so happy to be a Certified Grumbacher Art instructor.


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