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Destin LaGrone

UserName: DestinLaGrone City: Dallas State: TX Followers: (0)
Destin LaGrone is a self taught artist born & raised in Dallas, Texas. Since 2011 she has been creating works mostly in oil paint and ink. She has participated in the Cottonwood Arts Festival, Cedars Open Studios, and a handful of other group shows. However, Destin has maintained a mostly private studio life for the past several years, and only recently has she felt called to share more of her work with the world. Her artistic practice is the ongoing observation of ‘the self’ and exploration of what it means to exist. Art and life cannot be separated. She believes there are many different ‘colors of the self’ that can be expressed through experimenting with styles and mediums. In addition to multiple oil & ink collections, Destin is currently working on a creative writing book, as well as an art book showcasing her photography and face paint.