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David Dory

UserName: daviddory City: San Pedro State: CA Followers: (0)
People all have dreams and they like to fantasize, but at the same time retain a link to this world. And that is exactly what we find in his paintings. individualistic expression separates his art into a new dimension, where imagination and realism come together inducing nostalgic, realistic and even exotic or erotic interpretations from everyone that takes that extra second to indulge themselves in the worlds he has made possible for us to see. His originality is characterized by the uniqueness reflected in his paintings. The majority share the same style of contours constructed in technique that leads to smooth waves of sand dunes, where the transformation of the figure(s) blend in an extraordinary manner. David Dory’s work is very unique and individualistic, drawing a line to begin a new style in the world of contemporary art. (Omnistic) His exceptional contribution to the world, can not be ignored. Nancy Aydé U.C. Berkeley.