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Carmen Thomas

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About the Artist Born in Detroit Michigan, Feb 1966 to parents Edward M. Gee Jr. and Barbara Carmen inherited a natural talent for art from her father and creative crafting from her mother. Carmen's talent leaned more toward the artsy side as a youth, encouraged by her father to try new things to find herself as an artist, he would give her supplies to dabble in such as inks, drafting, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, water colors, clay, calligraphy and other mediums. While Carmen's mother could not draw a stick figure, she encouraged her to draw and nurtured her in pattern making, crochet, latch hook, macramé, fabric painting, sewing, wood burning and other nifty crafts. Carmen’s poetic creativity blossomed in high school, she combined that with her art skills and would sell greeting cards for lunch money. Carmen won first place in Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High school art show but soon after her attention shifted to writing & composing music. She went on to attend the Center for Creative Arts in Detroit Michigan and Recording Institute of Detroit becoming a certified sound engineer and producer. She found employment in mosaic tile work and welding where she would to create metal sculptures and captivating tile art. Today at age 52 Carmen currently works in acrylic; studying specifically portraits. As well as the latest abstract frenzy; specializing in both acrylic & resin pours! Carmen is Gwinnett's hottest artist!! Thank You for your support!