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Barbara Gage Mulford

UserName: BarbaraMulford City: North Fort Myers State: FL Followers: (0)
ARTIST BIO Barbara Gage Mulford Email: (339)237-2406 Exhibiting; Arts For Act Gallery - October 2017 to present 2265 First St., Fort Myers, Fl Art League of Fort Myers Instructor: Michaels Store (239) 215-1730 13741 S Tamiami Trail #1 Fort Myers? FL? 33912 Barbara Gage Mulford ia an artist and art educator in the Fort Myers area. Her media of choice is acrylic and oil on canvas using a slightly impressionist, loose representative style. Other frequent media; charcoal, watercolor and pen and ink. Barbara is Inspired by her love of the ocean, nature, animals and personal experience. Prior to moving to Florida in August 2017, Barbara taught drawing, painting and floral arranging at over 8 council on aging centers and middle schools in both Massachusetts and Maine. A lifelong artist, selling and commissioning art, she set aside her business career in 2016 to dedicate her time to creating, selling and teaching her art. Prior to Barbara's relocation to Florida, her Foxboro Massachusetts group of 16 students completed a June 2017 month long art show at the public library exhibiting over 50 works of art completed under Barbara's 18 month instruction. Her Kennebunk, Maine class hosted an art show at the Kennebunk Center July 2017. "I never expected the thrill I receive when I hold up a student's painting in a frame and watch their reaction; their recognition that they have created a beautiful work of art." "By providing the right brushes, paint, canvases, easels, subject matter and direction, I remove the obstacles most encountered, enabling the creativity to flow and then the magic happens. I teach them to see as an artist and they are forever changed." Teaching art was meant as a means to support herself as she launched her career as an artist. She discovered teaching provides constant motivation to paint and provides new learning experiences, accelerating her own ability and skills. Barbara is exhibiting in multiple galleries, runs paint along (paint party style events) and teaches drawing, painting and at multiple Southwest Florida locations, including Michaels Store in Fort Myers