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Matt Hand

UserName: MattHandOfCourse City: Providence State: RI Followers: (0)


Tribe of Abraham. Libertarian. Mystic. Books: american law, judaistic rituals, some dystopia - but honestly (if we're honest with ourselves), most novelists aren't worth the 2-3 hours to read through their tripe; it's better to contemplate immovable classics and suss out any truths they likely contain. Rasselas Prince of Abyssinia; etc., etc. Art: classical art; realism; modernism is rubbish. Punk Rock/Literature Preferences: NOFX, (early) Propaghandi (early), Selby Tigers, Django Reinhart, Muse, Michael Jackson, Prince, poetry, any music that encourages us to challenge our beliefs and re-evalute our perspectives. Real Bio - lawyer, poet, marine, and what the Jews call, "A Spark."