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Kelsey Patterson

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Pablo Picasso once said “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” Adopting Picasso’s quote as a life lesson, Kelsey uses the art she creates as personal memoirs. Painting and drawing helps Kelsey therapeutically as well as provides her with a unique way of communicating with the public. Through the use of her artistic talents, Kelsey hopes to provide a healthy change in the world by helping others’ personal visions become a reality. Kelsey is a 26 year old artist who was born and raised in Indianapolis. She moved to West Lafayette for schooling at Purdue University where she studied sociology, fine art, and forensic science. After trying to balance school and work, Kelsey decided to time off from school to focus on herself and figure out her true passions in life. This is where she fell back in love with the idea of making a living off the art she invents. She has recently moved back to Indianapolis in hopes of a fresh start in this putting this plan into action. The future looks bright for this young artist who is starting a new career taking on an illustrating position where she is providing illustrations for children’s books. This opportunity has reignited an excitement for learning and experimenting with different art styles and mediums. Not only is Kelsey now growing as an artist, but she is growing as a business woman. Through working with authors and business professionals, she is able to take the images from an individual’s imagination and bring them to life, and to Kelsey, there is no better feeling than seeing the joy shine from a satisfied client.