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Jennifer Robinson

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Hi all! I am Jen..thank you for your interest and for viewing my page. I am a self taught, mainly acrylic artist. I have worked with other materials such as clay but painting is my heart. I have tried my hand at a clay jewelry business and a few other creative things along the way but I really love to teach others. I inherited my talent from my late dad so it really means so much to me. Art is a huge part of my life as it can be seen in the everyday, simple things. Art is all around us and when you find your talent and strengthen it, the way you interpret things or how you look at things really changes. Art can come from the littlest most simplest objects. Art and creativity are all around us. I most recently started sketching. Painting was always my strong suit and I even made it known that I am not good at sketching. That wasn't really the case, I needed to work at it and bring that natural talent to life. I am now proud to say that I love sketching and I have developed a skill that I am pretty proud of. I love to paint with others and see a beautiful painting take form whether it be a landscape, still life, floral..whatever it may be. If art is in you...feed that talent and bring it to life!!! To sum it up and so you know a bit about, hippie, cat lover, simplist. I also love music and anything vintage!!!