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Tyree Broadway

UserName: Broadwayartworks City: Grand Rapids State: MI Followers: (0)


Greetings. My name is Tyree Broadway. It’s my pleasure to share my art with you. As a child I would roam my childhood home and touch all the bumps and ridges on the artwork my parents had. I didn’t know this could damage the work but as a child nonetheless i was drawn to the texture. I want kids to enjoy and be drawn to my work as well. Therefore I incorporate many of the same things I was and am attracted to in my art. Texture and wildlife have a prominent role in what I create. I have for as long as I can remember been able to look at a picture, image, or person and reproduce their likeness. I have for as long as I can remember conjured imaginative ways to express my imagination as well. In my experience there seems always a copious amount of media to choose from, but a dearth of time to use them all. With the outlook that each piece of media I use adds an essential color, glance, texture, shadow, element, effect etc., much of my work is multi-layered and multi-textured and multi-media. Every media has it's unique hue. I try to showcase every color I see in an image, and sourcing from different media is how I achieve this. The trick is how to harmoniously use the media. Each has it own technical challenges but adds a unique depth to my work. Art makes me smile, and I hope my art work does the same for you.