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Holiday DIY Crafts

Who doesn't love the holidays? That's a rhetorical question, of course. There's somebody out there who doesn't care for them at all, I'm certain. But those of us who alternate spending our free time scrapbooking and thinking up resourceful ways to reuse old junk happen to absolutely love the holidays-- after all, they constitute the perfect excuse to execute season-themed crafts!

Unfortunately, the beloved blanket phrase "holiday crafts" imposes the conflict of referencing an impossible vastness and overgeneralization of crafts and projects of every quality and sort. With so many projects out there, how do you possibly narrow it down to the handful actually worth attempting? Never fear, for we have curated a list of creative must-try holiday-inspired crafts. They are perfect for those of you out there who love winter itself almost as much as you love glue and paper crafts.

Wreaths are traditional. Anybody and everybody has got a festive pine-tree esque wreath complete with crimson ribbons nailed to their front door. But before you make haste to your local supermarket to find such a wreath to dress your own naked door, first ask yourself these questions: does anyone else on the block have a hand-crafted one? Did they make it themselves with a little tulle, a strand of lights, and some styrofoam, perchance? Does their wreath happen to be themed around the Disney movie Frozen? This parent from the blog Paging Fun Mums was inspired by her daughter to make a Frozen Christmas wreath (as seen in photo 1). "Christmas" isn't necessarily a theme, people. While we're on the topic of experimenting with decorations, want to shake up something else traditional? Try updating your Christmas lights themselves. This burlap garland tutorial shows you how--how cute is that? (as seen in photo 2). She invented this little design to go along with her "rustic" Christmas theme. See what happens when you choose to mix things up?

Eco-friendly Christmas decorations and ornaments you can make from home? Yes please! Take this elementary school project staple to the next level by building posh, angular snowflakes from popsicle sticks (as seen in photo 3)--The neutral, dark paint color is unexpected and adds a certain avant-garde touch. Want to try something a little more quirky? Try making these adorable yarn ornaments to add a little unexpected texture to your tree (as seen in photo 4). All it takes is some glue, yarn, and balloons. Rather not mix home-style decor with your Christmas tree traditions? Make a separate upcycled tree from scrap paper instead (as seen in photo 5)-- super cute in your living room, on a counter, or in the office. Be as creative as you'd like.

Looking for something that's the next step up in creative? Don't worry--we've got you covered! You can try making these super adorable winter magnets from fish bowl marbles (as seen in photo 6), rustic home-made snow globes from mason jars and glitter (as seen in photo 7), and simple yet stylish "frosted" candle holders that'll add a little wintry coolness to your cozy home (as seen in photo 8).

With a little artistic style and a pinch of creative vision, the possibilities for holiday projects-- or any DIY projects for that matter--are essentially limitless. Who knows, maybe one of these projects will inspire a new seasonal tradition. That's it—Now let’s get crafting!

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