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Three Natural Beauty Products You Can Make on the Cheap

Studies show that the average American woman owns at least $400 worth of makeup products that are purchased at expensive department and drug stores. Most of these products are not just pricey, but they also contain yucky compounds that are downright harmful and unwholesome.

Many of us are becoming more aware and concerned about the chemicals and toxins that manufacturers put into beauty products. Allergic reactions to these substances are more common than you think, so interest is high for natural beauty products that are not only effective, but also healthier to use.  There are plenty of small companies making terrific organic products that eliminate those harsh elements, but they can be fairly expensive. The dirty secret is that It’s actually pretty darn easy to make your own healthy beauty products yourself and save plenty of pennies in the process, too.

Start with these three ideas to change your beauty regimen and get a more naturally based complexion that you can tailor to your own needs:

Body Lotions:  Cosmetics counters are filled with outrageously expensive skin potions loaded with artificial scents and fixings, but creams to soothe and soften your skin (as seen in photo 1) are ridiculously simple to make without being a budget buster! Try this recipe featuring luscious coconut oil. Creamy Shea also makes a great lotion, so don’t hesitate to give this yummy body butter a whirl from Sarah at

Cleanser and Moisturizer: It’s a must to begin your beauty routine with a good cleanser to rid your face of the nasty daily grime that accumulates and then slather on a delicious moisturizer to keep you glowing. has a fantastic smelling honey and lemon face wash that is uses pure ingredients. This foaming face cleanser using calming tea tree oil is the bomb and only uses 3 simple components.  Kayla at has a terrific recipe for a natural moisturizer that totally works and requires just a few wholesome elements.

Makeup: Yes, you can make colorful and healthy goodies (as seen in photo 2) that will make you look just as pretty as that pricey department store stuff. Thrifty Sue serves up her easy formulas for blush and bronzer. Got an acne breakout happening? Stop it in its tracks with this DIY pimple zapper recipe. If you can’t find the lip balm tubes (check EBay), you can also just put it in a little jar. Marie over at Humblee & Me has a divine method for homemade ruby red lipstick that is completely natural and there’s DIY mascara, too!

The number of healthful and inexpensive body products that can be made at home is endless--everything from shampoos, soaps and lots more! Check out Homemade by Elle for tons of cosmetics product ideas you can DIY and get you started on a healthier and cheaper beauty program.

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