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DIY Upcycled Wine Bottle Craft Ideas

If you’re a handy DIY’er and drinking wine also happens to be a hobby you enjoy, it’s certainly a shame to let those bottles go to waste afterwards. Why not combine your love of crafting and vino to make cheap and easy upcycled projects that are sure to turn heads in your home or garden?


Amanda Wright over at Wit & Whistle made these brilliant wine bottle night lights that twinkle with festive fun (as seen in photo 1) and they can’t be easier to make with her tutorial. Simply grab a drill with a diamond bit and make a small hole in the bottom of your bottle to fit white or colored holiday lights into it. The glow they cast is wonderful in a darkened room and it’s certainly safer than candles.

These wine bottle pendant lights would be a unique twist in the kitchen if you are trying to avoid that home improvement store look. A table lamp fashioned from a wine bottle or jug is an easy project with a lamp wiring kit, and would be perfect on a bar or in a man cave.

If electricity is not something you want to play with, you can also use the bottle necks for neat candle votive holders. You can also use wine bottle bottoms to pour your own candle wax into as the perfect base for a special bottle, like one you drank on your honeymoon.

Ambitious crafters (and big drinkers!) will want to try their hand at a Wine Bottle Chandelier. This beauty has rustic appeal suspended from a wood base. Super cool! If you’d like to try one that is a bit smaller, don’t think for a minute that it still won’t have big impact. Here is yet another beautiful variation that costs just $50 and is a replica of one that Pottery Barn sells for $400 bucks!

If you are interested in lighting up the outdoors with a pretty wine bottle idea, then try your hand at this garden torch light. If you use citronella oil instead of regular torch light, you’ll even keep those summer mosquitos at bay. Here is a stylish variation on the torch light on a table top. This outdoor candle votive holder is inexpensive as can be based on the fact that a tree limb serves as the support.

Bird Feeder:

Glass bird feeders can be outrageously expensive, but it’s easy to make a budget one from a used wine bottle with stuff you probably already have in your garage (as seen in photo 2). Rebecca Nickols shows you how on her blog The Garden Roof Coop. You simply drill a few holes into your bottle and glue a plate to the bottom of your bottle and voila! you’ve got yourself an instant bird feeder. A hummingbird feeder is also an eye-catching upcycling project that will attract feathery critters to your garden.


You might assume that decorating with wine bottles would turn out tacky, but when craftily transformed into unusual pieces they can be quite pretty. A bit of paint totally changes the look and you wouldn’t even know that there was once hooch in the bottle. A flower vase, wall sconce,  or even a table centerpiece are all creative possibilities. This shabby wall vase is divinely chic!

Let’s not forget that the wine corks are also a nifty thing to upcycle. You can use them for everything from cute garden plant markers, name place card holders for your next wine tasting party or coasters.

Now you’ve got a crafty excuse to get drinking!

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Photo 2: Courtesy of Rebecca Nickols at