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Art Basel Miami 2013 The Triumph of Modern Art

MIAMI, FL - Welcome to Art Basel, the hub for modern art ideas! Each year, in early December, the Miami Beach Convention Center transforms into a marvelous arena where creative ideas from all over the world find their ultimate expression and awe the observers with their visually stimulating look. As a tradition, Art Basel Miami invites renowned galleries, museum curators and artists from all over the globe to present samples of their best projects with passion, inspiration and style.

The themes of the ideas vary - they can be glamorous or simple, abstract or straightforward, uplifting or dramatic. But no matter what type of artistic message they try to convey, they all have some major characteristics in common – they are inspiring, memorable and powerful. Art Basel cannot be described with only one word or phrase. A walk through its hallway is a walk through the ‘’paradise’’ of art. Once you step inside, you will find yourself in the labyrinth of installations, photography objects, paintings and video projects, each with their unique colors, shapes and style.

The list of this year’s exhibitors consisted of 258 international art galleries, including 303 Gallery New York, BQ Berlin, Galerie Chantal Crousel Paris, Sadie Coles HQ London, Massimo De Carlo Milan - London, Galería Guillermo de Osma, Madrid and many others.

An Art Basel project that stuns the observer with its peculiar appearance consists of a pile of bricks perched on a bicycle. The projected, represented by Luciana Brito of Sao Paolo, combines a couple of simple, practical objects into a unique artistic whole. The bricks used for this project are typical old-fashioned bricks and the exhibited bike is of the kind that Brazilian workers ride on the streets of Sao Paolo (as seen in photo 1).

Next up, you see the extravagant Sarah Lucas’ Tit Chair, represented by Sadie Coles HQ Gallery. The chair has been a part of the artist’s trendy installation project Situation Classic Pervery in London (as seen in photo 2).

Seung Yul Oh also grabs the observers’ attention with an intriguing artwork, resembling a woolly blue octopus (as seen in photo 3).

As you continue your Art Basel walk, you spot a couple of stunning green and pink boxes, supported by grey figures of triangular shape. The Berlin-based Galerie Micky Schubert teamed this piece with flower pots, and in this way has provoked the notion of an extravagant art project positioned in a tranquil garden setting (as seen in photo 4).

Edward Tyler Mahem Fine Art has grabbed our attention with one of the gallery’s flashy contemporary projects, representing a cascading ‘’fountain’’ of gloss and colors (as seen in photo 5).

Down the hall, you see a light blue ‘’frosty’’ art piece presented by the New York gallery Luhring Augustine. A fuse of transparence and blue nuances, this project will appeal to the lovers of kitsch and pomposity (as seen in photo 6).

Richard Grey Gallery Chicago has arrived with a special ‘’shiny’’golden-brown project, another example of a glamorous contemporary art idea (as seen in photo 7).

And close to it, you will come across an enormous artsy Alpen box.

Your Art Basel experience does not end here. During this time of the year, Miami Beach hosts numerous parties, art exhibitions and VIP events for the lovers of dynamic social life.

All images courtesy of the writer.