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Let the Artist in You Come Out and Play with Paint Jam

LONDON, ENGLAND -- ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain artists once we grow up’. Picasso’s famous line challenges us with a statement that resonates with the existential power of Hamlet’s ‘To be or not to be’. However, the real question here is not how to be an artist but rather how to remember and evoke the free, expansive, resourceful, inventive and visionary artist we all are. thalo sat down with painter and Paint Jam founder, Dalia Zermon, who seems to have found the answer to such poignant enigma.

thalo: Dalia, what is Paint Jam?

Dalia Zermon: Paint jam is a movable atelier, that can be set up anywhere from private homes, corporate offices and even clubs, cafés or restaurants (as seen in photos 1, 2). We provide painting material, inspiring guidance and our passion for inviting others to share their uniquely beautiful artistic expression. All the participants have to provide is a genuine desire to play and have fun, break what they believe they can or cannot do and get their hands covered in paint !

th: You are committed to provide a space where everyone is given the opportunity to express themselves. Do you believe that everyone can be an artist?

DZ: Very much like what Picasso said, I believe we are all born with the desire and the ability to create (as seen in photos 3, 4). The artistic spark is a natural universal talent rather than a gift given only to a privileged élite. And like all gifts, it needs to be nourished, supported and given the opportunity to grow. Unfortunately as we get older less and less attention is given to the development of our creative side, following the diktat of the society that at some point stops providing the resources for our artistic genius to emerge and decides that children have to grow up and become efficient, productive adults. Inevitably something vital gets lost in the way.

th: When given a platform to paint and play, do you believe people can get in touch with a deeper aspect of their existence that goes beyond the desire to express their creativity?

DZ: Absolutely. That is exactly what has inspired me to establish Paint Jam. The healing and transformative power of art is the living principle that animates all of our workshops (as seen in photo 5). I started as a figurative painter and later on decided to move to a more abstract style. Painting following an inner sense of elation rather than the strict structure of naturalism enabled me to find a more profound level of expression that initiated an enriching and healing inner transformation. Art’s power to conjure a gentle yet radical revolution in both expression and perception of self is what prompted me to share not only my paintings but also the experience of creating a painting. I believe it is in that journey that we can connect with our ever present artist-child that somehow got forgotten along the way. 

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All images are courtesy of Dalia Zermon