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F. Scott Schafer: Passionate About Pictures

NEW YORK, NY -- thaloTV examines what makes this NYC based commercial photographer tick.

The lure of expressing himself through photography by focusing on things that he is personally passionate about is what began, and later revitalized, F. Scott Schafer’s career. It all started when he was just a high school kid, deeply into rock-and-roll. He began sneaking a camera into rock concerts and photographing performers, later selling them to his high school classmates, and so, a photography interest evolved.

Still, Schafer had trouble figuring out what he wanted to do with his life. But he knew what he didn’t want to do—“I knew I didn’t want to have a corporate job. I didn’t want to push a pencil or sit behind a desk or wear a tie. So I went to the Art Center College of Design [in Pasadena, CA].”

During thaloTV’s visit to Schafer’s studio, he went on to explain that his commercial photography career took off quickly after he finished school and opened his studio—perhaps even a little too quickly. Eventually, the hectic pace got Schafer around to thinking what was it about photography that he liked in the first place. The answer he came up with was the notion of following his own muse and finding subjects to photograph anywhere, and everywhere, purely because he thought they were beautiful and fascinating subjects to photograph, and not because of their commercial value, or lack of value.

Eventually, he returned to his studio and his commercial work, but he also engages in travel photography, personal photography, and any other kind of photographic experience that moves him.

For more about F. Scott Schafer and his commercial photography work, click on the screen below and watch thaloTV’s interview.

video credit: thaloTV