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Man One Design: Where Graffiti And Corporate Marketing Intersect

thaloTV visits studio that helps companies put a street vibe into branding campaigns

LOS ANGELES, CA -- The design studio called Man One Design—owned and operated by graphic designer Scott Power and well-known graffiti artist Man One - promotes itself as “Graffiti for Brands.” The company provides cool, eclectic, and modern design services for the marketing and promotional needs of major companies, including, among others, Nike, Coca-Cola, Disney, Carmax, Puma, Unilever, and many others.

They view graffiti-based marketing designs, in fact, as something of a bridge to link major companies and youth culture together in a meaningful way.

Man One had been deeply involved in the LA graffiti scene since 1987, when he acquired his fine arts degree from Loyola Marymount University. Man One Design then launched when he hooked up with Powers, who was a designer himself, but also an art representative who recognized talent when he saw it in the form of Man One’s work. Powers was fascinated by the fact that major corporations were “getting it” and seeking out a renowned graffiti artist to help them manufacture new and different designs that were, as Powers puts it, “culturally relevant.”

Since that time, the studio has added artists with backgrounds similar to Man One’s, and they have consistently been churning out logos, designs, posters, murals, and campaigns that are anything but run-of-the-mill in terms of the street sensibility that comes with them. They recently created an interactive art exhibit for software company Symantic at Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, and that is only one of the “far out” things they have done for clients recently, to use a favored Man One term.

To view the Man One video, click below

video credit: thaloTV