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Ready For Anything: An Interview With A Future Fashion Photographer

MILAN, ITALY -- Elena Cabitta is a student at Marangoni Institue in Milan, preparing for a career in fashion. With several international locations – Milan, Paris and London and soon Shanghai – Marangoni is an excellent choice for anyone interested in the creative, commercial or organizational aspects of fashion.

thalo: Why did you choose Marangoni?

Elena Cabitta: Firstly, because it’s the most prestigious school for fashion in Italy and because we’re trained to be part of the workforce. We network with modeling agencies, makeup artists and photographers, and we get lots of chances to work backstage at runway shows. You can also choose to study in London and Paris.

th: What do you want to do after graduation?

EC: My goal is to do brand research and styling. The career office helps students get interviews for a year after graduating. I would love to work outside of Italy.

th: What are your classmates like?

EC: One of the great things about the school is the international student body. I have lots of friends from South America, for example. We go to parties and exhibits, and meet lots of people. The classes are taught in Italian.  They also offer classes for students to learn the Italian language.

th: Is there a lot of homework?

EC: Not homework, but lots of projects with specific deadlines, like in the professional world. I spend a lot of time working on my portfolio, making sure it represents an excellent variety of my work.

th: What is your favorite class?

EC: I love Art History and the Analysis of Contemporary Images – two very different classes, but connected in so many ways. Art is full of messages!

th: What are the facilities like?

EC: There are fantastic computer labs with all the necessary graphic design tools and support, there’s a super library with books on design and costume history, and there’s a cafeteria on the top floor with an amazing view where I meet up with my friends.

th: So, what’s it like photographing models?

EC: Actually, I have a funny story about that. One of our important projects involved organizing a photo shoot, so I contacted a modeling agency and arranged to have a model and makeup artist come to the studio at school. We only had two hours for the job. The model didn’t show up. I was in a total panic because it was an important part of our portfolio. I called the agency and they told me the model’s phone was turned off. I didn’t know what to do! So - even though it’s not a good idea - I had to take pictures of myself (as seen in Photos 4 - 9). I hope it never happens again, but you really have to be prepared for anything!

Photos 1- 6 courtesy of Elena Cabitta

Photos 7 - 9  courtesy of Marangoni Institute