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Leap - An Eco-friendly Solution For Alpine Living

Mountaineers and alpine enthusiasts will have a new thrilling opportunity to look forward to. A newly developed LEAP (Living Ecological Alpine Pod), with eco-chic features and sophisticated interior design, has been brought to life by Italian architects Luca Gentilcore and Stefano Testa.  Industrially produced off-site and designed with eco-friendly materials, the new alpine pod model offers innovative features that make it the perfect accommodation for an invigorating vacation in the mountains.   The parts needed for pod arrangement can be easily transported by a helicopter to a chosen destination and altitude (as seen in Photos 1 & 2). With much less environmental impact than traditional mountain shelters, LEAP is an efficient, eco-friendly solution for temporary alpine living.  The structure can be easily removed or transported from one place to another without leaving any industrial wastes or traces.

With  LEAP’s comfortable, refined living features, characterized by  durability, safety and hygiene, alpine enthusiasts will feel themselves at home in a protected and cozy environment. The innovative alpine pod is equipped with a modernized technological system for energy production, a special unit for self-evaluation and tracking weather conditions, a web cam and communication devices connected to rescue headquarters. The environment-friendly structure is self-sufficient and has numerous advantages over traditional alpine huts. The LEAP has the unique ability to generate power naturally through its exterior photovoltaic films. The options for interior design solutions vary in simplicity and aesthetics, and you can easily customize your alpine pod on the basis of your needs and tastes. From thermally isolated doors to electricity induction cookers, the Living Ecological Alpine Pod doesn’t affect or pollute the environment.   A sanitary knot and a biological toilet that disposes of sewage without negatively affecting the external world are an integral part of the construction. The LEAP’s outer part is typically made of ecologically friendly, recycled materials, and its thermal doors minimize the heat loss process. All materials adopted throughout the production cycle are rated with an official certificate of ecological origins and recyclability. The pod’s shape is typically designed to prevent snow and rain from accumulating.

The LEAP consists of several units: an entrance hall, a bedroom, a dining room, and a biological bathroom. The layout of different modules can be easily customized based on customers’ needs. The space is limited, but efficiently equipped. Its most tempting feature undoubtedly remains the charm of the surrounding natural views (as seen in Photo 3). The predominant birch-wood furniture gives a special cozy touch to the place.

The alpine pod is a modifiable structure and additional rooms can be easily bolted to it, if necessary. In case of serious damages, the structure can be transported with a helicopter and repaired off-site. Moreover, its producers guarantee competitive prices for its construction and maintenance.

A luxury mountain gem, easily adopted for various altitudes and providing suitable conditions for  healthy lifestyles - that’s how you can describe your eco-friendly LEAP. What a better way of relaxing than in the mountains in a modern, sophisticated accommodation, with an easy technological access to the external world? Maybe the time to replace traditional mountain huts with futuristic alpine pods has come.

Photos courtesy of Francesco Mattuzzi