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Thalotober: Inking for Efficiency Part Four

Happy Friday, and welcome to the last week of Thalotober! Hopefully, you’ve had a lot of fun and have been able to sharpen your skills this month, and are ready for the final push to end Inktober on a high note.

A big aspect of Inktober is not just the process of drawing daily, but what to do with your 31 new pieces of art once Inktober is over! With November and December being major gifting months, there is no better time than to make your art available to collect, purchase and gift to others.

Below, here are some suggestions and ideas to consider for your art once the month has come to a finish:

Create an online gallery/photo album:

You can organize all your photos from the month and showcase them in an online gallery (if you haven’t already). Online galleries are a great way to display your work as a full body instead of single images.

Art Book:

You can take your illustrations and compile them into a book! There are several services both online and local you can use to get a collectible book done. You can also use a crowdfunding platform to cut down on costs!


You can take your favorite entries and make them into zines! They are easy to make, easy to carry, and easy to sell! These are great for art and craft fairs due to their low cost and high collectability.


You can take your favorite / top-rated images and make prints of them for people to collect! These are great for lining your portfolio or updating your online art pages!


There are several great online services you can send scans of your work in order to get collectible merchandise, and stickers are a great way for people to collect your work!

Art Show:

You can take all your work and bring it to a local coffee shop, gallery or public space to show it for the Holidays!

We hope this is helpful for you! 

We here at Thalo would also like to personally thank you for reading, and everyone who has visited and participated in our blog this month! We invite you to keep returning as we will be launching new projects and featuring new artists.