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Thalotober: Inking for Efficiency Part Two


Welcome to the end of week two! You've made it! If you’ve been finding your workflow, that’s great. If you are still figuring things out, that is okay, too! Here are a few more suggestions and ideas to help you with not only getting your work onto paper but out into the world!

1.) Maintain the pace:

If you are finding a good schedule of drawing and posting every day, keep it up! If you are having trouble finding your sweet spots, don’t worry! Just keep posting and working when you can. Posting consistently every day will help keep your audience coming back to check out your new entries!

2.) Widen your hashtag net:

Posting your work is helpful, but make sure your hashtags help your art! Standard hashtags are #inkotber, #inkotber2020, your prompt word, #inkdrawing, and the day (#dayone / #day1). The more hashtags you add the better the reach, so be sure to be just as creative with your tags as you are with your work. Other great hashtags are #illustration , #draweveryday , #inkdrawing , and more broad terms to help get your Inktober drawing into a wider search base. You can even get creative and come up with your own (having a good combination of general AND specific hashtags will help you maximize the amount of people who can come across your pieces).

And, with Halloween art challenges being so prominent this year, you can branch out into several other hashtags like #drawlloween , #artober , #drawtober , #drawctober , #sketchtober and more! 

3.) Forgive yourself:

Inktober is supposed to be fun. If you miss a day, don’t worry! You don’t have to play catch up or punish yourself if you get sidetracked. You can pick up where you left off or start a new day. The important thing is to keep going! Do what you can, post when you can, and let the excitement of the process motivate you.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful! Stay tuned as we continue sharing work from fellow artists, featuring how-to’s and other insights from our Higgins Drawing Team and more. Keep up the great work!