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Thalotober: Inking for Efficiency Part One

Week One Done! 

Happy first (full) week of Inktober and our First Friday Blog Post! Every Friday we will be posting a Tips and Tricks list for anyone looking for inspiration for their Inktober!

Inktober is a great drawing exercise, but can be tricky to get started if you have a busy life schedule (and honestly, who doesn’t have one these days?). The best way of getting yourself set up for Inktober success are small little things that will add up to big payoffs. Try these three tips as you begin!

1.) Schedule your time:

Make sure you have a good time squared away either before you go to bed, when you wake up, on your lunch break, or whenever you have a spare moment. It doesn’t have to be the same time all month either, so feel free to change it up and see what times work best for you!

2.) Plan ahead:

If you find yourself worried or anxious about working on the fly, you can look at your prompt list and do some loose pencil sketches before you ink your drawing. After all, it is INKtober, and working on a pencil under-structure is part of the inking process for most artists. That way you get to focus on practicing inking, and not spending time figuring out what to ink.

3.) Prepare your time and work investments:

Decide on the amount of work you want to invest into each drawing. Whether that means deciding how big your ink drawing will be, how much detailed it will be or how much time you want to spend on it. This can help remove a lot of worry or anxiety before you start drawing!

We hope this is helpful for you, and please check out our blogs next week, where we will have more featured work from our artists, as well as more tips and tricks on how to maximize your Inktober experience! 

We would also like to personally thank you for reading, and everyone who has visited and participated in our blog this month! We invite you to keep returning as we will be launching new projects and featuring new artists.

Be sure to post and share YOUR Thalotober entries to #thalotober2020 and let us know on Instagram (@thaloart) so we can sing your praises!