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Introducing Thalotober: An Inktober Prompt List (and more)

It's October! 

It is almost October, a Halloween fan's favorite time of year! Even better, it's almost time for an artists' favorite Monthly Art Challenge, Inktober! 


For the uninitated, Inktober is a community-oriented drawing and creativity exercise founded by Jake Parker ( and has been growing in popularity over the last ten years, with the #inktober hashtag tallying over 17 MILLION entries! 


To participate in Inktober is simple; Find (or create) your own list of prompts for the month of October (Jake Parker creates his own official Prompt List every year), and the create an illustration a day for the month of October using the prompt list to inspire your work. Then, you share it online so others can see and celebrate your progress! 


Pick (or make) your Prompt List! 

As mentioned, you can find Jake Parker's Official Prompt List @inktober

However, the team at Thalo proudly presents: Thalotober - An Inktober Prompt List! 

Thalo - @thaloart


We at thalo are big fans of Halloween, and wanted to do a theme of "Halloween Costume Parade"! Each day is a classic Halloween Costume that has been worn over the years. Each day will have "Halloween History" that discusses the history and relevance of the costume in Halloween Popular Culture. 

If you are looking for something a little less traditional, you can check out our friends @higginsinks and check out their prompt list: 

@higginsinks - Prompt List


Or, one of our featured Thalotober Artists, Jamie Joslyn, has created her own Prompt list: 

Jamie Joslyn - @dragonalloy

Speaking of: 

The Thalotober Art Team! 

This year, we have a selected group of artists (primarily consisting of past Thalo Spotlight Artists) that will be participating in Inktober this year! We will be showcasing them throughout October, and will be sharing their wisdom! Stay tuned on October 1st (Thursday) to see who they are and what they will be doing for Inktober! 

How are YOU participating? 

We are very excited to see what everyone comes up with this year! Do you have any plans for Inktober? Let us know in the comments!