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Thalo Spotlight Artist Cassy Draws!

Thalo loves to promote artists and each month, we spotlight a member of our community!

This month we are pleased to have Cassydraws as the thalo spotlight artist for August 2020!


Cassydraws -


Thalo Team: Can you give an “elevator pitch” of your work?

Cassydraws: I am a self-taught Artist from Canada, who specializes in wildlife and pet portraits. (with a sprinkle of landscapes too!) I have always had an interest in animals/nature and found my passion in art creating highly detailed, and realistic paintings of the world and its beauty around me. I typically work with acrylic, and will occasionally work with watercolour, and ink.


TT: What is your artwork about, and what do you want people to take from it?

CD: My artwork focuses on animals, whether they are someone’s beloved pet or in the wild. The purpose of my work is to highlight their beauty - the amazing textures, colours, shapes and sizes that are all around us. I often choose subjects that are endangered with the intent of raising awareness for conservation efforts and furthering our education and how we can help.  Each of my paintings, I hope will cause the viewer to pause and take a moment to reflect and appreciate. Our lives are constantly bustling and often we forget to stop and appreciate the world around us.


TT: Which artists do you feel have influenced your art the most? 

CD: The artists who have had an incredible influence on my artwork, would be Robert Bateman, and Edward Spera. They both have such a stunning way of painting; it leaves you in total awe. The way they compose each of their paintings, and their ability to transport you into the world that the animal lives in, is something I strive to achieve during my art career. If you have not seen their work, please go and check them out!


TT: Where do you like to present your work, and why? (Galleries, website, social media, etc.)

CD: Currently my favourite place to display my work would be online, via my website and social media. It has been such a pleasure being able to show the online world my paintings, and along the way make incredible connections/friendships with fellow artists. I am continually inspired by the online art world, and I sincerely hope my work has contributed to that for someone else.


TT: Do you feel like your work has evolved? If so, how?

CD: I believe that my work has evolved immensely since I first began creating in 2017-2018. The biggest improvement and evolution I have seen in my work, is the confidence with my medium and my risk-taking within a painting. I used to be afraid to make mistakes, (some days I still am!) and worried that my painting would not turn out as planned. But as I have practiced, created and grown I have realized that the best pieces of art often come from something unintentional.


TT: Do you have any tips or advice for fellow artists based off of your experiences thus far?

CD: My biggest piece of advice for my fellow artists, is to take breaks. Listen to your body, and what it is telling you! Often we think we need to draw every day or we set unrealistic deadlines for art completion. This can lead to burnout, stress on joints, and inevitably tendinitis, carpal tunnel and an array of other issues. Take breaks. Drink lots of water. Get up every hour to stretch and invest in your setup! (proper chair, desk, lighting, etc.) Physiotherapy or massage therapy if needed. The above mentioned have saved my career and I am quick to tell others too!


TT: What are you working on right now, and why?

CD: I am currently working on a series of different animal paintings and turning them into Tutorials/Walkthroughs on YouTube. I am hoping by showing my process, it will help other artists in their journey regardless of experience and make painting easier, and more enjoyable!


TT: What would you consider to be your "biggest achievement" with your work thus far?

CD: The biggest achievement in my art career/work so far would be, becoming a Chartpak Artist Ambassador. I am incredibly honoured to be a part of such an amazing team of artists and professionals. When I was asked, (and still to this day) - I was over the moon! It has been such an incredible opportunity, and I am proud to represent such a wonderful company!


TT: What was your first work of art that you were proud of making? Where is it now?

CD: The first piece of artwork, that I was proud of making was a drawing of an oil pastel parrot, in Gr. 8-9. It is hanging up in my parent’s basement as soon as you walk downstairs. It is a nice reminder of just how far I have come since pursuing art!


TT: Do you take commissions? Why or why not?

CD:  I do take commissions, both of pet portraits and wildlife paintings. I find them incredibly rewarding as you are bringing someone’s vision to life with your abilities. Many of my commissions are of people’s beloved furry family that have passed - and being able to bring peace, joy and laughs with my paintings has been the most rewarding, and beautiful experience.


TT: What do you do when you aren't working on art (hobbies, job, etc.)? 

CD:  When I am not creating, I am spending time with my husband, my family, my dog, video games, and a good book. I enjoy relaxing at home or spending time outside in the sunshine. The little things make me happiest!


TT: How do you overcome art blocks?

CD: I overcome art blocks by giving myself some time to recharge. I find that art blocks for me personally come when I have expended my creative energy and I am running on empty. By leaving my studio, and playing a video game, or reading a book I usually can get back on track after a few days of letting a painting sit. Sometimes I will watch my favourite movie or read a good book to stimulate my creative energy!


TT: Where do you see your work taking you in the next 5-10 years?

CD: In the next 5-10 years I would love to have grown further on social media (YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc) and be in an art gallery. I have always had interest in showcasing my work in one, so that is a possibility for me in the future. Above all else, I just want to be happy and passionate about what I am creating and being able to do what I love as a career.


You can find Cassydraws work at: