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Expanding Horizons: Miniature Art

Welcome to Thalo's "Expanding Horizons"! In this article series, we will be exploring and discussing topics about artists that are either cutting edge, underground or under-reported in the creative world. Hopefully, these entries will help inspire you to explore new facets of your work and find new ways to make art work for you! 

Miniature Art and Painting

Traditionally, model cars, and sets for trains were the first model kits in 1965. Over time as companies and products began catering to smaller hobbies, it is now a niche corner of the art world. 


Miniuature painting has a long history associated with hobbyists and tabletop gaming industries (both of which are booming this year), with the practice of painting and applying artistry to small objects for the sake of enhacing either decor or gameplay, depending on your use. The activity is widely celebrated across various disciplines, and thanks to the internet, there are a number of tightly knit communities dedicated to the craft of painting and presenting miniatures and miniature art. 


Miniature painting has expanded incredibly, and here is a small playlist of videos that showcase the styles and artists in how this medium has grown. Click on the name to see the video: 

Squidmar Miniatures: This is a channel by Swedish artist, Emil Nyström, that covers painting techniques and miniature painting culture, including artist highlights and skill-building. This channel covers most of the fantasy, RPG and tabletop gaming niche of miniature painting and art. 

Ryan Thomas Manahan: Ryan is a successful fine artist that specializes in recreating lifelike miniature scultpures with building supplies. 

Mozu Studios: Mozu Studios shows how innovative and creative an artist can be with remodeling and recreating small spaces into new, small universes. 

Roman Khramov: Roman is a traditional diorama and miniature painter and maker. His timelapse videos show a brilliant way of creating small scenes and storytelling using miniature painting and other techniques. 

We hope this is inpsiring to you, and encourage you to see how creating art on a miniature scale can help your artistry.