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Expanding Horizons: Art Challenges (Part Two:Outside the Box)

Welcome to Thalo’s “Expanding Horizons”! In this article series, we will be exploring and discussing topics relevant to artists that are either cutting edge, underground, or under-reported in the creative world. Hopefully these entries will help inspire you to explore new facets of your work and find new ways to make art work for you! 

Expanding Horizons: Art Challenges (Part Two: Outside of the Box)

          As discussed in our previous article, Art Challenges have grown in popularity as Jake Parker’s Inktober has become a global phenomenon. Mr. Parker’s innovation has sparked a new wave of online creativity, and we are just beginning to see how this opportunity will evolve!

Beyond the challenge:  Art challenges both in AND out of a month-to-month format are helpful for artists and can achieve different goals. While some art challenges are self-contained and designed to build good drawing habits, all challenges have the potential to benefit artists from a more fiscal standpoint. It is not uncommon for artists to take their drawing collections and to turn them into books, art prints, zines or other collectible content for patrons to purchase. Art Challenges can also provide insight into how well an artists’ work is received. The more likes, comments, and shares a daily entry gets, the more potential an artist has to capitalize on that opportunity. Business-wise, an art challenge can offer far more than just practice for a creative.

There are several other challenges for artists that exist outside of the “drawing a day a month” concept, and there are plenty more opportunities for creatives of all walks and disciplines to create their own to match their medium of choice. There are writing challenges that last months and even years, as well as events that tackle painting, sculpting, and more!

Ideas to run with: We have come up with several different ideas for artists to use throughout the year that encourages creativity and can also contribute to the success of an artist. Enjoy! Note: These exercises are designed for artists who are looking for something to industrialize their artwork.

          Mixtape March: (Designed for all disciplines) Create a piece of art based on a favorite song or musical artist. You can include the music, or let your audience guess the inspiration! Mixtape March helps artists commune and share their inspiration, as well as shows musicians how much their work is enjoyed and appreciated. (hashtags: #mixtapemarch 2020, #mixtapemarch, #artmixtapemarch)

          Show in a Month: (Designed for all disciplines) Over a month, create as many ready-to-show works of art as you can, and use those pieces to submit to gallery shows in your area. They can be a theme of your choice, the month, or maybe a gallery show you wish you could be a part of (past, present or future). “Show in a Month” requires delegating your time however you wish, and can give a grand insight into how your production process differs from other artists. (hashtags: #showinamonth2020, #showinamonth )

          Art Journal January: (Designed for all disciplines) A thalo original concept, Art Journal January challenges artists to fill an art journal with ideas that they can use throughout their year. Art Journal January helps artists collect their ideas into one source and get organized as they begin to plan their creative New Year. It is VERY open to interpretation and allows all artists to participate in their way, whether it is filling a page a day with notes and plans or sketching from real life. (hashtags: #artjournaljanuary, #thaloartjournaljanuary)

We hope this is helpful to you, and let us know in the comments what other monthly (or otherwise) art challenges you participate in or have created yourself!