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Higgins Ink Celebrates Inktober!

Higgins Ink is Celebrating Inktober this year! 

Our friends at Higgins Ink are working with artists to help celebrate and participate in Inktober! We are looking forward to helping in contributing in the festivities by showcasing some of our favorite artists and providing support to anyone looking for inspiration this Halloween season! 

What is Inktober? 

Jake Parker created Inktober in 2009 to improve his inking skills and drawing habits. Today, artists from all over the world participate in this art challenge for the entire month of October. The goal is to create one ink drawing a day, for the 31 days of October. Artists can choose to work off a prompt list, create serial work, or come up with their own plan. Anyone can participate! Choose to do the full challenge of 31 drawings in 31 days, the half challenge of 1 drawing every other day for 31 days, or the part-time challenge of 1 drawing a week. Drawing ink is the media of choice for the month, but you can also add in colored inks, mixed media, or whatever you choose. The point of the program is to challenge yourself to draw more this month; do whatever it takes to get you there!



How is Higgins Celebrating Inktober?

At Higgins, we're starting off the month with our own drawing prompt list to get your creative juices flowing. You may choose to use our list and these prompts in any order, or you may choose to do your own thing. We'll be inspiring you on your drawing journey with pep talks from featured artists, drawing examples from our Higgins Inktober drawing team, and host giveaways during the month. Post your work on social media and use the hashtags #higginsinktober19 and #higginsinks to share your work with us on Facebook (/higginsinks), Pinterest (/higginsinks), and now Instagram (@higginsinks)!