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Expanding Horizons: Drink and Draw Events

            Welcome to Thalo’s “Expanding Horizons”! In this article series, we will discuss art topics that are cutting edge, underground or under-reported in the creative world. We hope these entries will help inspire you to explore new facets of your work and find new ways to make art work for you!

Expanding Horizons: Drink and Draw Communities


            Drink and Draw events have been an increasingly popular activity among creatives over the last few years. Given the rise of craft brewing and a new local brewery in every town, it only makes sense to have events that can bring in artists to help support a business with a night of drawing and a beverage. However, there are several ways that The Drink and Draw culture has shifted, split and evolved. Now that we are all gearing up for another exciting Holiday Season of Inktober / Inktoberfest / Drawlloween / Drawcember let’s go through all the different ways you can participate in the “Drink and Draw” experience!


The “Drink and Draw Formula” can be as simple (or as grandiose) as you like! Whether it’s an open invitation to occupy a few tables in the back of a tavern or a salon-style drawing session in a local café it all boils down to the creativity of the organizer and the host. 


Dr. Sketchy’s: Founded in 2005, Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School has taken up the title of “The Name in Alternative Drawing.” With international branches, Dr. Sketchy’s works with local artists, models, and creatives to do life drawing and skill-building exercises for all folks of all walks.


The Official Drink and Draw Social Club: Founded in 2011 by three celebrated comic book creators, The Official Drink and Draw Club is a loosely held collection of illustrators that meet either weekly or monthly with like-minded creatives to relax with a pint and a pen. Oftentimes, these artists meet during Comic Book Convention Season, once a weekend taking up shop at a local beer garden for a night. There are branches of the club globally, with events varying from location to location. Be sure to check your online resources to see if there are any near you, and if not, try to make your own!


Locally Sourced Drink and Draw Events: While there are groups of artists that host events, there are owners of businesses that will organize them for the community. Bars, Restaurants, Breweries, and other locations have developed a great way of inviting artists into their operations through themed drawing and arts outreach events. Drink and Draw nights are a great way to have people come in and talk shop while relieving stress.


Independent Events: While Drink and Draw events are pretty straightforward, there are other options for people to enjoy these kinds of activities. There are non-alcoholic drawing nights at community centers; community-oriented drawing exercises led by local professional artists and new-style life drawing nights. Your imagination is your limit when it comes to devising your art event in this fashion.


If you are an artist who is interested in drawing and likes to be around other people, you should consider reaching out to your local place of business and ask to start your own “Drink and Draw” night! Become part of the tradition, and get to drawing with old (and new) friends!


Did you know: Our Thalo Membership includes an event ticketing system that you can use to help organize your Drink and Draw night!