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Thalo loves to promote artists and each month, we spotlight a member of our community! 

This month we are pleased to have Patrick Quirk as the thalo Spotlight Artist.



Thalo Team: Can you give an "elevator pitch" of your work?

Patraick Quirk: Hey I’m Patrick I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and got my first job drawing caricatures and now I tattoo

TT: What is your artwork about and what do you want people to take from it?

PQ: My art work for the most part is just bubbly cartoony stuff or just some stuff I think looks cool as far as what people make or take of it is entirely up to them love it or hate it I’m gonna keep doing it.

unicorn skull


TT: Which artists do you feel have influenced your art the most?

PQ: As a kid I always used watch the sci-fi movies and Alien always stuck out so I’d say HR Gigers work had always had the biggest influence on my work.

TT: Do you have a preferred method of presentation for your artwork and why? (Examples: workshops, gallery shows, Instagram, etc.)

PQ: I usually just draw in bars and give my doodles away but I do have an Instagram account.



TT: Out of all of your creations (or bodies of work) which one did/do you find the most cathartic in creating?

PQ: It’s usually the most recent one.

TT: When was your “Aha!” moment that led your work to where it is now?

PQ: I still just trying to continue to grow as an artist and if I’m honest I don’t think I’ve ever had one of those moments.


TT: How has your work (or technique) changed over time?

PQ: I bounce around with materials and techniques but I’d say it’s just gotten a bit cleaner and moser rendered over the years.

TT: How do you promote yourself and your art?

PQ: I really don’t to be honest I’ll throw a picture up online every so often but that’s about it.

space man

TT: Do you have any tips or advice for fellow artists based off of your experiences thus far?

PQ: Keep at it.. and don’t give up

TT: What are you working on right now and why?

PQ: Currently I’ve just been drawing little doodles I can crank out in a night mostly just little critters hanging out

star wars rose

TT: What would you consider to be your "biggest achievement" with your work thus far?

PQ: Getting a job at Niteowl tattoo in Northampton, MA.

TT: What was your first work of art that you were proud of? Where is it now?

PQ: I drew a fire fly a fewcyears ago and gave it to a coworker of mine.

octo guns


TT: Do you take commissions? Why or why not?

PQ: On occasion but I’m picky about them. Plus deadlines just stress me out.

TT: What do you do when you aren't working on artwork (hobbies, job, etc.)?

PQ: I draw.

octo banana


TT: What is an area in your work that you feel weak in that you want to improve upon and how are you going to get there?

PQ: I struggle with lady faces and flowers.

TT: How do you overcome art blocks?

PQ: Keep drawing even if it’s jusy squiggly lines.

TT: Where do you see your work taking you in the next 5-10 years?

PQ: Hopefully still tattooing.

spider roseUntitled

TT: Is there something that you would like to share with us that we have not covered, that pertains to you and your work?

PQ: If you ever get a caricature in a bar I probably drew it.

Check out more of Patrick's Work here: