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How To Make Your Small Space Look And Feel So Much Bigger

Not every city dweller can afford to live in the penthouse of their dreams, which is why so many of us stick with modest-sized apartments that fit within our budget. Saving money doesn’t mean having to sacrifice style with a space that looks cramped: these four tips will either help you save physical space, or make your apartment look like it’s roomier than it actually is. 

Buy furniture that doubles as storage 

Clutter is a killer of space, and will make even a large apartment feel cramped. Fortunately, you don’t have to haul half your stuff to a storage unit down the street in order to save some space — simply invest in pieces of furniture that can double as storage. Coffee tables or ottomans that have secret storage space are perfect for holding gaming units, extra pillows, or anything that you don’t need on a daily basis. With unnecessary stuff out of sight, you can save room for the stuff you actually need. 

Use mirrors strategically

Deciding between adding a mirror or painting to your living room? If you’re looking to visually expand your space, go with the mirror. It’ll open up the room by adding dimension. A large mirror that faces a window can create light and open up the room. 

Opt for raised furniture 

Here’s one trick you may not have thought of: according to HGTV, raised furniture, like a couch with legs, gives the illusion of more space. It makes sense: you are able to see the floor underneath a raised sofa, making the room look more open. Just don’t use your space for extra storage — it kills the effect. 

Play with color

As in, stick to just one color for a room, and use different shades of that to decorate. Love blue? Rock a monochromatic look by sticking to different variations on the same shade. Lighter colors tend to work better for smaller rooms, but you don’t have to ditch any fun paint colors. A darker colored ceiling creates the illusion of depth. 

With these four steps, you can make your tight space feel a bit more like the sprawling home of your dreams. 

Images: West Elm