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Sell Your Art to Interior Designers

A successful sales plan is crucial to getting your art business off the ground. Unfortunately, it can seem easier said than done. One good way to get your name and product out is to market your work to interior designers. An interior designer's career focuses on creating cohesive designs in homes and offices, so when an artist establishes a relationship with an interior designer, it can lead to a very lucrative professional connection. 

Interior designers tend to have many projects going on at once and are usually pretty busy. This makes for quick and easy sales, especially if the two of you have already established a working relationship. If the designer needs something right away, he or she is much more likely to reach out to someone he or she has already worked with. This is also a good way to get an "in" with other people in the industry. Here are a few ways you can catch the eye of interior designers and sell your work:

Have a selection to choose from
What will work for one designer's project won't work for every designer, so it would be in your best interest to build up a wide variety of work for your potential clients to choose from before seeking to build professional connections with your interior designers. If they see they have a lot of options in a variety of colors and styles to choose from in your collection, the designers will be much more likely to seek you out for future needs. According to Artwork Archive, large pieces, 36" x 48" and up, are typically sought out by interior designers and are the most difficult to find. 

Get to know designers
Whether you're mingling with interior designers in person or connecting with them on social media, getting to know interior designers is crucial to selling your work to them. Go to networking events or join LinkedIn groups for opportunities to be introduced to various designers. Instagram is also a huge platform for artists and interior designers, as well as art marketing. This makes a great way to chat with interior designers in a casual, nonintimidating environment. Check out their websites to see which designers tend to lean toward an aesthetic that coincides with your work, and reach out to them.

Price it fairly
If you're planning to specifically market to interior designers, it's important to know certain aspects that interior designers look for when choosing pieces for their rooms. Since they tend to be working within a budget set by their clients, there usually isn't a whole lot of wiggle room when it comes to how much they're able to spend on a piece of art - especially since the art is typically one of the last things purchased for the room. While it's certainly important to be paid fairly for your work, it'll be difficult to sell your work if it's going for prices above market value.