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Inspire Creativity this Summer

Each season has its own special moments that can help inspire creativity in an artist's mind. Fall has the changing leaves, winter has the first snowfall, and spring has all of the freshly bloomed flowers. Summer, however, has a sense of magic too, from those late nights spent driving around and talking with friends to the way the light hits the beach in just the right way during a late July sunset. Here are a few things you can do in the coming months to inspire creativity for your next artistic endeavor:

"Do a little digging to find some cool events."

Keep it local
Check with your local arts council about summer happenings in the area. Maybe there will be an art market or festival happening, or maybe that glamorous studio will be opening up to the public for an open studio weekend. Art-related events don't always have the financial backing to publicize themselves enough, so you might be able to find some cool events if you do a little digging. Look at community cork boards and talk to your artist friends about events they may know about. Local art scenes are some of the most supportive and intimate. Not only do events like these give you the opportunity to network and get your name out, but working with other artists and getting to know them can be an inspiration all on its own.

Sketch away
Bring your sketch book with you everywhere this summer. While you may usually rely on your camera to capture mundane yet photogenic moments, try to sketch these moments instead of taking a picture. If you're on a nature hike, draw a picture of the sun peeking thorough the tops of the trees in the late afternoon. If your significant other's smile catches your attention in a way that it never has before at a bonfire with friends, sketch that in your notebook. What may have started as a fun picture you drew to capture a moment may end up becoming one of your favorite pieces of work to date.

Carry your camera
On the other hand, if you're a photographer, you won't want to be without your camera during the summer months. Visit all of the markets in your area, from the fish market down by the beach to the flower market that sets up shop in the middle of the city. Capture photos of farmers talking excitedly to customers about the harvest they have for sale, or snap a picture of the boyfriend handing his girlfriend a single sunflower from the floral vendor. Take a photo of everything you see that provokes thought, whether you find it beautiful, ugly or are simply intrigued by it. This would make a great series, as it'll supply anyone who sees it with nostalgic memories of summertime.

Use nature
Don't underestimate the value of nature. Consider creating a handmade stamp collection from materials you've found outdoors, whether you utilize pieces of gravel or that dried flower you keep forgetting to take out of the vase on your coffee table. This can be especially fun if you've been having a little bit of a creative block lately. No matter what kind of art you regularly partake in, an array of stamps made from seasonal foliage may come in handy for your next project. Use some of Buzzfeed's handy stamp ideas next time you need to decorate something or design invitations for an event.