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"Kick-Ass" Creator Mark Millar Sends Out Epic Call For Artists

by Brett Kelley 

Mark Millar, famed writer and creative behind the “Kick-Ass” and “Kingsmen” comic/movie franchises put out a call for artists on his Millarworld forums in search of a new artist to work with on the latest installment in the “Hit Girl” comic series.

Instead of e-mailing people on a personal list, Millar wished to give an even playing field by inviting all artists to contact him via forum moderators or via thread post with samples of their work.

Hit Girl Fanart

The Payment for services? $10,000.00 an issue for black and white artwork, paired with a described “generous royalty package for monthly books and trades”. This payment offer is roughly 4-5 times more than most rates of other big time comic book companies, making this possibly the most lucrative artist call in recent comic book history.

The window to submit is small, with Mr. Millar stating that an artist is intended to be chosen before next week. If you are interested, check out Millar’s post and submit your work