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Scratching the Surface with Some Colored Pencil Techniques!

Scratching the Surface with Some Colored Pencil Techniques!

By Sophie Theroux

Read on to discover some colored pencil techniques that you can use on your favorite coloring book pages!

Try putting a few pieces of paper underneath the page you are coloring. This will make the surface you color on a bit softer, and therefore, the colored pencils will run more smoothly over the paper.

Putting Paper Under Your Artwork


Create your own patterns inside of your designs! Swirls, circles, polka dots… the possibilities are endless!

Fill Your Coloring Page with Patterns


You might be thinking, what good could a white colored pencil have on a white piece of paper? The white colored pencil is excellent for transforming a darker color into a light pastel color and also helps with blending! You can use it to create an entirely new color, or to create a gradient from dark to light within a shape.

Using a White Colored Pencil


Have you ever experimented with watercolor? Watercolor paintings can be gorgeous and vibrant, but many people are intimidated by their unforgiving qualities. Watercolor pencils, such as Koh-I-Noor Mondulez Aquarelle colored pencils are a great intro to the world of watercolor! Simply stroke a wet brush over the shape you have colored with these watercolor pencils, and watch the color come to life! (Use water very sparingly if you are coloring on regular computer printer paper as the paper will become weak when exposed to water – these are best used on watercolor paper.)

Koh-I-Noor Mondulez Watercolor Pencils


Having trouble mitigating streaks when using colored pencils? Rather than working back and forth in a line, try working in a long oval motion instead. This will help reduce sharp edges and streaks and create more uniformed shading.

These are just a few techniques to experiment with to get your creative juices flowing. Don’t forget to color outside the lines every now and then! After all, art is all about experimentation.  Happy coloring!