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8 Thoughts You Have at Corks n’ Canvas

For those of us more excited for the drinking than the painting.

Corks n’ Canvas. Fear no Easel. Painting with a Twist.  Across the country shops are popping up that promise to guide you through painting a work of art you get to take home, with the added bonus that you get to drink wine the entire lesson.  A great night out with your girlfriends, but for the inartistic the process can be a little more complicated.

1)    Look at that beautiful blank canvas! I feel like a real artist. 

2)    I probably won’t even want to drink that much wine. I’ll be too involved in my painting. 

3)    I am AMAZING at this.  Mine looks exactly like the instructor’s.

4)    Whoops may have added a little too much color there.

5)    Wait, I was fixing my last mistake, what was the next step?

6)    Ok, I need a little help. Instructor!

7)    I’m just going to drain my glass real quick.  More wine, please?

8)    Wow I actually pulled this together.  I knew I was a real artist. 

Photo Credits:

Courtesy of Gabrielle Mizrahi