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6 Art Inspired Halloween Costumes - Show off your creative side

Halloween is this Saturday!  No need to panic if you don’t have a costume ready.  Get your inspiration from some of the most famous artworks and artists of the last 500 years. 

1) Mona Lisa

Bonus points if you skillfully paint the background yourself in perfect imitation of da Vinci.  And be sure to impress your friends with your art savvy by casually dropping the term sfumato when discussing the work. 

2) Frida Kahlo

The uni-brow is a requirement. 

 3) Balloon Dog by Jeff Koons

This costume is perfect if you are not looking to put in too much effort.  Simply make balloon dogs in a few different colors and stick them onto a white t-shirt.  Voila! You are now displaying Balloon Dog by Jeff Koons. 

4) Roy Lichtenstein “Oh Jeff…”

This costume may take a little more skill, as you need to be precise with your dots.  However, if you are able to get each component right, you will blow the crowd away with your perfect portrayal of pop art. 

5) Girl with the Pearl Earring

It’s a perfect excuse to splurge on a new pair of pearl earrings.  You’re honoring a great work of art!

6) David by Michelangelo

Some grey and white spray paint may give you that marbled look.  Just make sure your friends don’t mind you showing up in your birthday suit.  And may I suggest you don’t try and go trick or treating.  Now go strike that pose!

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