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10 Reasons to Visit an Art Museum Solo - Enjoy some “me-time” in your favorite gallery.

You get to choose when to schedule your visit.

Your friend can only meet up at 2:00 pm on Saturday, but you know that’s museum rush hour.  Plus, by the time you are able to agree on a date for your visit that exciting new exhibition will already be closed.  By going solo you can visit at whatever time is convenient and will give you the best experience. 

Visit the galleries in whichever order you choose. 

Visit Renaissance Art and then skip straight to Contemporary Sculpture.  Or dive into Rococo and then head directly for African Art.  With no one else to dictate your path you can make your own crazy route around the museum; one that feels right for you. 

Or better yet, go to the museum just to soak in one particular gallery, and leave the rest for another day. 

Spend three hours learning exclusively about the role of jade in Chinese art without anyone pulling you away to go check out the Picassos. 

It’s easier to squeeze through the crowd surrounding the most popular works as a single.

No man left behind does not apply when it’s just you.

Or better yet, avoid the claustrophobia and skip the most popular pieces. 

No one will pressure you to push your way to the front to see Sunflowers

Get absorbed in an audio-guide.

Lots of museums offer great audio-guides that will walk you through the collection.  Going solo allows you to listen without having to time your guide to someone else’s, and lets you skip parts you may find uninteresting without leaving your friend behind. 

Make new friends.

Museums often have community events where people can gather and socialize.  Without any friends by your side, you may be more likely to branch out and talk to other guests you may not have otherwise approached. 

Use the knowledge you gained on your museum trip to impress your friends later on. 

Splurge in the gift shop.

No one will judge you for buying that van Gogh bobble-head.

And finally, make your museum experience completely your own.

No matter what your ideal museum trip looks like, enjoy every part of your experience on your own terms to get the most out of your visit.