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30-Day Art Challenges to Try

Many people looking to start healthy habits and make changes in their lives are trying out 30-day challenges. To take part, they practice yoga, meditate or even just stay mindful for a specific amount of time each day. Artists can also benefit from this approach. Here are a few to try!

A painting a day
Whether you're an avid painter looking to build some structure into your day or a hobbyist that simply dabbles occasionally, you might love this 30-day challenge. Set up an area in which to keep your supplies so you don't have to set everything up and take it down every 24 hours. Make sure you have an easel or a notebook, canvas, paint, brushes and water at hand. Start by drawing what you see around you. When you've run out of ideas, paint family members or a beloved pet. Or, hop on social media and grab a picture of your best friend to see if you can make a beautiful portrait. Plus, there's always pulling from your imagination to paint fantastical worlds. 

A sculpture a day
If you're looking to improve your sculpting skills, there's no better way than to practice, practice! One thing to remember while crafting daily sculptures is to always make sure your clay is in good condition. That means ensuring it is in a properly closed container so it doesn't dry out. You may also consider working with the clay to soften it by folding it in on itself like pizza dough for a while before getting started. This will make the material more malleable and easy to use.

Writing every day
Writers are artists too, and they often find adding writing to their daily routine is a great way to ensure they actually type something out instead of procrastinating. Try writing a poem one day and a short story the next. Or, if you'd like to start writing a book, consider tackling one chapter per day. By the time you're done with the challenge, you'll have 30 chapters!

Design a day
Fashion and graphic designers need to have a good eye for the visual arts. To develop this, try doing a challenge! You can create sketches for a garment every day or even make a piece of clothing or jewelry. Graphic designers can try tackling a logo each day, or make your own font. Consider finding 30 ways to remake the same thing to really help you see the possibilities of one design idea. 

All of these challenges will help you hone your creative process and skills, making you a better artist. Not only will you have the abilities to do a particular art form, but you will also learn that hard work and repetition pay off, and that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Consider sharing your daily creations via social media or in a blog so others can see your project as a form of art marketing. You could even consider selling your art or adding the pieces to an online art contest to get your work out there and make some money!