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Two Ways to Make Candles

With all the holiday bustle and stress, at one point you will need to take a break. Why not have some fun doing a little crafting? Candle-making is an easy and inexpensive way to relax while flexing your creative muscles. Plus, candles make great gifts and are often huge hits at art fairs! Here are two ways to get started on making your own candles:

Container candles
One of the easiest and most hands-off ways to make candles is to use the container method. You'll need wax, a wick and something to pour your candle into. You can make some very fun layering designs by using multicolored wax, or opting for white wax and adding color droplets to get your desired hue. You can think outside the box when it comes to what container you use.

Try a teacup or crystal goblet, for example! Or you can choose simple mason jars. Use a wick sticker to adhere the wick to the bottom of your container, then tie the top end to a pen that goes across the opening of the jar or glass. Then, melt the wax and pour it in. Make sure not to cover the wick with wax or you'll need to clear it off to enable easy lighting and use. Let the wax harden overnight and you'll have brand new DIY candles to enjoy. 

Dip candles
Dip candles are a little more work-intensive than other methods, and the process is used to create tapered candles or candlesticks. You'll need a container to put your wax in as well as long wicks. You may want to wear gloves just in case you dip a little too far. Heat the wax until it melts and add any coloring droplets to the mixture. When it is the hue you want, grab hold of your wick and dip it in. You need to keep the wax over heat during this process in order to prevent it from hardening in your pan.

If you plan to stand over candle the entire time you're making it, you can hold onto the wick. But, if you want to take a break now and then, tie your wick to a writing utensil or other rod-like object and hang it over an empty jar or other item to allow the layers to harden between dips. Once a layer of wax has hardened, dip the candle into the melted wax again and pull it out. You'll need to repeat this process over and over until the candle has reached the width that you prefer. You can add different layers of color if you have several wax types ready at once. 

Another thing to consider when making candles is whether or not you want to add scent. Candles are beautiful when they burn and using some aromatic oils can provide even more atmosphere. You can use calming smells like lavender and chamomile or opt for more invigorating scents like citrus or cinnamon. Add a few drops to your wax when it's melted and you'll have a delicious scented candle when you're done.