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Make This Mini Sewing Kit for On-the-Go Emergencies

If you're a fashion designer, you're familiar with the little (and big) emergencies that you have to handle right away on the runway.

You need to have the tools and know-how to tackle everything from tiny rips to total wardrobe malfunctions. Instead of lugging around a massive sewing basket, opt to make this mini version out of a mint tin. Don't spend your time searching through a lot of materials for a tiny item (seam ripper, anyone?) - use those moments deciding how to price your art or how to promote your art on Facebook.

Gather your materials
In order to create a tiny sewing kit, you'll need some sewing must-haves:

  • Sewing needles.
  • Thread in black, red, white and navy blue (as well as any other hues you typically use).
  • A thimble.
  • A tiny measuring tape.
  • A small seam ripper.
  • A clothespin.
  • Safety pins.
  • Sewing pins.
  • Mini scissors.
  • Elastic.
  • A mint tin.
  • Cardboard.
  • Staples.
  • Scrap fabric.
  • Cotton balls or batting.
  • Glue.

You can also include any other small things you frequently use, like buttons or seamstress chalk. Think of key items that you can't live without at your sewing table and then add miniature versions to your kit.

Gather materials you use at your sewing table and make or find mini versions to add to your kit.

Ready your box
Don't just toss all this equipment into a tin and call it a day. You're creative - you can do better than that! Why not make the top of the tin into a pincushion to hold your needles and pins?

Cut a piece of cardboard so it's a little smaller than the tin lid. Then, wrap a scrap piece of fabric around the cardboard and stuff one side with cotton balls or thick batting. This is what will keep your pins in place. Next, staple the fabric to the other side to hold it all in position. Pop the flat side facing down into the tin lid and enjoy your tiny pin cushion!

You can also line the inside of the tin with fabric to prevent it from making a noise while you rush between models backstage. Just cut some scraps to fit the sides and bottom and use glue to attach them. 

Beautiful the outside
Are you looking to carry an ?mint tin around, or do you want to get a little more custom? You can change the outside of your emergency sewing kit to match your latest fashion line, or simply cover up the original branding to make it more you.

Use glitter, paint, fabric, buttons and whatever else you have on hand to really dress up your tin. Consider adding some fun texture like velvet so you can easily grab your tiny kit out of your bag without having to search for it - it's probably the same size as the case carrying your art business cards!