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The Art of Art Blogging Part 2

In the first installment of this series, we talked about the very beginning of a blog, from deciding why you're creating one to picking a platform and finally starting to post. In part two, we'll discuss what to do now that you have an art blog.

Spread the word
You didn't create your blog as a personal scrapbook for only you to view, so it's important to spread the word so people know your new site exists! Share the URL on Facebook, your website, Twitter, Tumblr, Thalo and even Instagram. To really be sure you're reaching your entire client base and fans, consider sending an email newsletter announcing your new blog. In the email, include the site URL and name, as well as what readers can expect when they go to the site. You can also add a screenshot of your homepage so everyone can see some of the hard work you've put into the blog. Many blogging platforms allow you to have a signup widget on the side so interested parties can receive an email notification every time you post. Be sure your blog has this option to keep everyone informed.

Develop content and timing
The most important part of your blog is not necessarily just how it looks. While it's a good idea to have a clean, easily readable and personalized theme, the content of your posts is what keeps people coming back to your site. There are mixed opinions on whether posting regularly is a must, or if it's OK to just share content when you happen to have created it. Figure out which works best for you, be it a strict schedule or a more loose method. Also keep an eye on your view count. You will find that posting on some days of the week (Saturday and Sunday) does not receive as many views as others (Monday and Wednesday). Marketing site Kissmetrics has a great infographic on the best times of the day to post, as well as when people are most likely to link to or comment on your blog. If you find posting every Monday at 1 p.m. brings your blog the most traffic, try to stick with a schedule that allows you to post consistently at this time. You can always write ahead and schedule your posts to occur when you want them to.


"Networking is not just an in-person affair. "

Your blog is like a new business, and making connections across the art market can really help to boost your traffic. You can head to blogging events like Meetup groups or classes, or visit more niche activities like sculpting courses or glassblowing lectures. Share your blog URL with people you meet, and be sure to get their domain names as well. Just like the way people exchange art business cards in person, linking to others' sites will bring your blog traffic and also send viewers to cool sites that you promote. Plus, the artists you link to might want to repay the favor, which is super great for bringing a new audience to your blog.