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Patriotic DIY Projects for 4th of July

Seasonal holidays always provide the perfect opportunity to get started on some clever and festive diy crafts. Since America's independence day is around the corner, there is no better time to break out the red, white and blue scrapbook paper you've been hoarding and show off your patriotic side. Better get started now if you want one of these patriotic projects present at your annual holiday barbeque!

Tell me, what is more festive than the American flag itself? This trendy take on the ultimate American symbol of freedom involves replicating the flag with flowing ribbons and streaming stripes of scrap fabric, resulting in a unique, vintage upcycled vibe (as seen in photo 1). If you're looking for a project that will cover a bit more ground (literally), try making one of these scrap fabric garlands (as seen in photo2). Find all the red, white, and blue fabric scraps you possibly can and tie them in strips around a longer knotted piece of fabric-- the garland base. The resulting product is shabby chic, yet somehow rustic and posh.

Want some more decorating ideas?

Try making a wreath to go on your front door, like this upcycled wreath made from painted clothespins, wooden stars and ribbon (as seen in photo 3). It's patriotic, without being overbearing. Or, perhaps, overbearing is exactly what you want. Try making an elegant, extravagant wreath from bunched up ruffles and fabric instead, like this one here. Another way to show a little subtle patriotism is with mason jars. You can paint the insides red, white and blue and fill them with color-coordinated flowers. Or you could tie star-spangled ribbons around the jars' mouths or make a cluster of cute star lanterns. Another idea, and my personal favorite, put white flowers in three jars, then color the water with a hint of food-coloring to create red white and blue water arrangements (as seen in photo 4).

And now for your taste do you feel about some 4th of July themed food? Try these fire cracker dogs. I can't get over how simple, yet festive these are (as seen in photo 5). Let's keep up the American food theme and pull out a recipe for a bucket of popcorn-- but not just any popcorn-- patriotic popcorn (as seen in photo 6). These little bags of popcorn are great if you're entertaining kids for the evening (but work for grownups too). A great snack and it is relatively healthy. How about drinks? Want to make your punch as patriotic as possible? Make your own red white and blue ice cubes (as seen in photo 7). Freeze some berries in some water, and you're good to go. Ready for a real challenge? Then try your hand at these patriotic raspberry candy bars (as seen in photo 8). If you can manage to get the design just right, the effect is very cool, and everyone will think you're talented as well as patriotic.

So what did you think? Are you going to break out any of these tutorials for your 4th of July get together? Let me know in the comments below!

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