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Get Organized!

If you're anything like me, useless junk has a tendency to pile up around the house. And by useless junk, I mean priceless sentimental possessions and last night's dishes. Whether your home is full of trash or treasures, it can be hard to keep things organized. Not to worry! The World Wide Web is chock full of fabulous DIY projects designed to help you keep your mess in a nearly manageable state, and we have a list of some great DIY projects that are SO adorable, easy, and fun that you'll be inspired to get organized NOW.

First things first-- let's get those office supplies squared away. It seems like every time I completely clean out and organize all the important paperwork, receipts, reminders and calendar dates stuffed in the top drawer of my desk, they immediately become a mess the very next time I try to access any one of these things. With a handful of cardboard boxes, paper clips or clamps, and some wrapping paper you can make a personalized drawer organizer for all your stationary and pens (as seen in photo 1). Got too much paper clutter? Follow the directions here, on Handmade Charlott to make this super cute honeycomb bulletin board (as seen in photo 2). You can also upcycle an old window to a similar effect (as seen in photo 3).

Now, seeing how no woman has ever been known to say, "I have enough jewelry, thanks," we tend to have an accumulated mass of random jewelry items. Some of it's in a jewelry box, some is in another box, some is on my dresser, some of it is on the cat... Upcycling old door knobs and cupboard handles makes for a gorgeous jewelry organizer in a pinch! (as seen in photo 4). If you'd rather have a holder that can sit on a surface rather than requiring to be hung up on the wall, (and perhaps you just happen to have multiple glass mugs hanging around or live next door to a thrift store), try out this project (as seen in photo 5). How cute is that?!? And if you're looking for something just a tad bit quirky, try turning branches into hangers for your necklaces and earrings (as seen in photo 6).

Do you always seem to have dirty clothes lying around? Or perhaps you don't have room for a real hamper? You can keep your clothes organized with this super cute hanging door hamper (as seen in photo 7). All you need is some cute fabric, an old embroidery hoop, and a needle and thread, and you're set. Speaking of clothes, is an ironing board out of your budget? Is it too much work to get it out and put it away every time you find a shirt on your floor that you didn't actually wear but is as wrinkled as a sharpei puppy? Go for this cute mini ironing board that can sit on your washer (as seen in photo 8). It's portable, decoratively appealing, and is always easily accessed. Virtually no cleanup required!

Know any other great ways to get organized? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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