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Are you Reaping the Benefits of Knowing a lot of Creatives?

Creative people are great to have as friends and acquaintances because they may help you collaborate, get your work into a gallery and even increase the size of your audience.

When you're an artist you likely have friends who are also involved in creative pursuits. Not only can these people be great friends and confidants, but there are many additional benefits to knowing a lot of creatives:

You're a painter and you want to have your work photographed and then use those shots to make a book. While you can do a lot with paints and a brush, photography maybe isn't your thing. This is a great chance to work with a friend who has a camera and the knowledge to help you out. Graphic designers are super useful to know as they can assist with many projects, from designing logos and marketing materials to website themes. Anyone with a skill that you don't have can be an asset to you if you choose to collaborate. Plus, many artists are multitalented and dabble in various media. You may also consider working together to have your own gallery show or installation. The more people who are involved with an event, the bigger the potential for more audience members and viewers.

Collaborating with others who have different skills than you allows you to expand your audience and abilities.

If you have a wide network of creative friends, you'll be exposed to many opportunities. You'll get to know gallery owners, art buyers and even merchandise suppliers by widening your creative network. To do so, go to art events like concerts and exhibit openings. Another great place to meet people is at classes. Attend lectures and courses at a local arts college or studio that you admire. Here you will be introduced to individuals of all talent levels and art forms, allowing you to expand your creative network and open up many possibilities. Knowing people in the industry is useful because they can teach you how to sell your art, offer tips on creating an artist website and even recommend some of the best books for artists. 

Audience expansion

"When you widen your posse of artsy friends, you also broaden your audience."

When you widen your posse of artsy friends, you also broaden your audience. While you can put a lot of effort into art marketing, simple word-of-mouth is an extremely useful way to get new people to check out your work. When you are friends with others who are involved in the art world, they may suggest their audience members check out your work because it is similar to theirs and they might like it. If you collaborate together, you expand your viewers greatly by exposing other people's viewers to your pieces. Consider possibly promoting other artists you know and love via your social media accounts. Maybe do a "Follow Friday" where you share cool creatives who your audience may enjoy. The individuals you link to just might return the favor, broadening your viewer network as well.

We've all had that day, week or even year where we couldn't seem to pick up our pen, paints or instrument. Sometimes the energy and emotion to create something new just isn't there. Looking to find some inspiration? Add to your friend network. Often, having a simple conversation or taking a look at someone else's work can really serve as an awakening of our own creative processes. If you're feeling stuck, call up an artist friend. Go to coffee and chat or even visit a museum together. You may find the person's work, the environment or the conversation helps to spark your mind into create-mode. Be sure to bring paper and a pencil along with you in case a muse strikes and you need to do some sketching or writing immediately. It's OK if it's not a masterpiece, you can transform this rough draft into a more serious work when you return home or to your studio space.