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Do You Use these Tips on Instagram?

Instagram can be a great marketing tool for promoting your art if you follow these tips.

Before the Internet existed, people had to go to galleries or studios to view artists' work. Today, many people turn to websites and apps to view masterpieces from their homes or even on-the-go. Instagram is a popular place for artists to display their work for the world to see. This totally free app can be a great marketing tool if you follow these tips about how to promote your art on Instagram:

Create a simple profile
Some people think the "bio" space on every social media tool should contain several paragraphs so viewers can know who the profile owner is by reading it. We think, however, that it's more important to let your art speak for itself. People who come to your Instagram profile don't need to know that your home town is in Michigan and you collect postcards. They do, however, want to know the name you go by as an artist, as well as your website and perhaps a location where your work is on display. This way, they can easily click on the link to your site or go see your art in real life. They can learn fun, quirky details about you by scrolling through your posts. Keep your bio simple. This way, people will check out your images because they'll want to know more about you and your pieces.

Hashtags can be a useful tool for marketing your art. You can even start your own with your artist name.

Learn some hashtags
Hashtags aren't just a silly way to say what you think about something, like #loveit or #notsomuch. These simple tools can help you grow your Instagram following exponentially. Some hashtags to consider on your posts include information about what type of medium you used (#canvas, #acrylic or #pastels, for example), as well as the location of the piece (such as the gallery name or city). You'll also want to include your name as a hashtag, and potentially some adjectives about the piece in the photo, such as #gorgeous or #popart. This will allow people who search through hashtags to stumble upon your work. You may be surprised how many followers you'll gain with a few well-chosen hashtags.

Don't limit your posts

"Some artists feel their Instagram should only include their art."

Some artists feel their Instagram should be entirely shots of their art. You can choose to go this route, but it's more interesting to have some other shots mixed in as well. Visual Matters, an art organization and management service, believes people follow artists because they want to get to know them as people. This means they are looking for insight into your creative process and who you are. Along with posting shots of your latest art, include pictures of your studio or process shots of pieces. This will allow your followers to learn a bit about you, which can make them feel more connected to your art. In turn, they may purchase your work because they feel like they know you and can relate to you.

Think before you link
A lot of people think the best way to spread their posts around the Internet is to link all of their accounts up. This means that every time they post something on one feed it is also posted on others. While that can be helpful in certain instances, it's usually harmful. According to Careerealism, a career-search site, when you put a picture on Instagram and it also shows up on Facebook, you may lose followers. No one enjoys seeing repeat posts, so linking all your accounts may cause people to only follow you on one social media network. Instead, consider what information should be posted on each account. Facebook is great for sharing events and Twitter is a good home for short quips and sharing links. Keep Instagram as a place for beautiful photos of your professional life and artwork.