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Spotlight on Kimbrella Adair

Max Grumbacher Gallery, part of the thalo artist community, is the place for artists to showcase, promote, and sell their original artwork and reproductions. The gallery brings beautiful artwork directly to fine art lovers and buyers. Thalo is featuring Max Grumbacher Gallery fine artist, Kimbrella Adair. Kimbrella loves the arts and painting is her passion. Creating images from her imagination is what keeps her going in life. Painting puts her at peace with the world.

Kimbrella’s motto is “The most successful people tend to be true artists and they do not live their life in the shadow of people's fears. Create your life the way you want it to be and may peace and prosperity grace your day.”

Thalo sat down with Kimbrella to learn more about her love for the arts and life.

thalo: How and when did you get interested in art?

Kimbrella Adair: I was interested in art from a very early age. Fine art painting and drawing runs on the paternal side of my family. My father loved to draw and he would give me tips. My great aunt, Leona Franklin, was an artist and seamstress for MGM Studios. Some of her paintings were purchased by the stars during her life time. My mother has some of her paintings, and I believe that is how I became interested in becoming a fine art artist.

th: Who inspired you to become an artist?

KA: My father inspired me to become an artist. On my 14th birthday, my parents bought me my first painting set which happened to be an oil paint starter set from Grumbacher.  When I started painting, my father asked me if remembered the first drawing I ever drew. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember the picture but he did. In fact, he had kept it in his wallet for many years. I drew it when I was 2 years old. It was a rabbit. To this day that wonderful memory is in the recesses of my mind.

th: How would describe your art to others?

KA: I would describe my art as a message on canvas. The message I want to deliver is love one another and become nonjudgmental while enjoying the beauty that life has to offer. We don't have to hurt one another and destroy the planet to enjoy these things. So put the ego in "check."  This message is portrayed in my artwork category entitled "The Awakening".

th: Do you have any “words of wisdom” for some young artists that are just starting out?

KA: I would encourage any young artist to stay focused on your craft. Pinpoint one genre of the arts. Focus all of your energy on that genre. That is your base from which all of your other creativity will spring. It doesn’t matter what you choose. Choose the genre that you love because you will spend many hours working on that choice. Breath, eat, drink, and live art! Believe in yourself. You are, “the artist”! You have to first believe then everything else will come into place to support your belief.

th: Is there a piece you are most proud?

KA: At the moment, my favorite piece that I am most proud of is one of my recent paintings titled “Fairy Dancers.”  “Fairy Dancers” is a piece that shows the life force of the forest from the perspective of laying down on the forest ground and looking into the sky with the clouds forming a motherly figure with her hands on her hips as if to say, ”What are you waiting for?”. The fairies are dancing the magic harmony of the dance called the flower of life.

To learn more about Kimbrella and her artwork, visit