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10 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Theatre Rental Agreement


A theatrical stage can showcase any type of performance: a play, a concert, an employee recognition ceremony, or a production by an acting troupe, to name a few. For these events, a theatre rental may be the right solution. It's a good idea to ask these questions before making your final theatre selection and signing the rental agreement.

1. How Large Is The Stage?

Words like "spacious" or "medium" are relative. Ask for exact dimensions. The stage needs to accommodate everyone comfortably and safely. If only a few people will be in the spotlight at a time, then a smaller space will do.

2. What Is The Audience Seating Capacity?

If seating is permanent, get an exact count. If folding chairs or other portable seats are to be brought in, get an accurate range, and find out who is responsible for supplying seating and setting it up.

3. What Backstage Resources Are Present?

To better plan the logistics of your production, know how many dressing rooms are present and what amenities they include. How many tables, chairs, and mirrors does each room have? Are there showers? How many bathrooms are backstage? You may also need a waiting area or space to hold props.

4. What Technical Equipment Is Available?

Lighting equipment and soundboards will likely be supplied, but you may need additional equipment including computers, fog machines, or special microphones. Find out what equipment is available and whether or not training is provided. In addition, ask what equipment you're allowed to bring.

5. What Is Included In The Theatre Rental Price?

Find out what is and isn't included in the quoted price. Some places offer a basic package with add-ons, while others give personalized quotes based on your specific needs.

6. Does The Theatre Provide Any Staff Members?

It takes a lot of work and many people to successfully run a production. Roles may include house manager, stage manager, and technical staff to operate lighting and sound systems, ushers, porters, and more. Does the facility provide any of these? Are there additional costs for staff members?

7. Can Food And Beverages Be Served?

If you're interested in serving food and drinks, find out if you're allowed. Whether it's just popcorn and soda or a fully catered affair, check the theatre's policy beforehand. If food is allowed, the facility may have a list of preferred vendors.

8. Who Is Responsible For Handling Ticketing?

This differs from place to place. Some locations require you to use their box office and ticketing systems. Others do not provide ticketing services and require you to bring your own computers and ticket printers.

9. Is The Theatre Accessible?

Does the theatre rental accommodate guests in wheelchairs? Are assistive listening devices available for anyone who's hearing impaired? Are there more ways in which the theatre is accessible? Check beforehand to avoid surprises.

10. Can The Location Accommodate Your Time Requirements?

Whether you need the space for an hour, an evening, or every weekend during three consecutive months, find out if your preferred location can accommodate your schedule.

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