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How To Be Good In Portrait Photography

By: Michael Wong

People are such a good subject in photography and many have shared their interest in this field. Although portrait photography is a fun subject, some are still struggling to fully enjoy this. So, this article is going to show you how talking, looking, practice, using the equipment and having a different perspective can help you to be good in portrait photography...

Portrait photography can be fun and yet difficult to master. It is normal to see photographers struggling with the subject's pose and sometime things can get ugly when the photographer and subject can't agree on the pose.

That is when you need to talk to your models and make them understand all you want to do is to get the best out of them. You are aiming for that special glow that only your model can show. Of course then you have to listen to their feedback and see what they want in their picture. It is their pictures after all.

When both of you are relax, look seriously at your subject. Look at their face and see what is so special about your subject. A good portrait photographer can see the character of a person from his or her face and know how to put the lighting to properly illuminate your model. Some said that you can even tell a person's story with portrait photography when you look hard enough.

Now, impressing your models with their portrait is easy when you can capture their pictures in a different perspective. Everyone is unique in their own way and looking at that, shouldn't everyone have their own special portrait? You can ask your model to look away from the camera and focus on his face. Or you can get your model to rest her head on her palm so that you can focus on her gaze. What you need to do here is to be creative and shoot out of the box.

Besides that, good portrait photographers can make do with the equipments they already have. It is true that you can get better picture when you have better equipments. But looking at the speed of the digital cameras being release to the market today, do you know how much money you need to invest to get all the equipments in your hand?

So, what you need to do is to zoom in to your model when you are practicing portrait photography because wide lens might make your model look "wide" and you will hard time explaining that to them.

Lastly, practice does make digital photography better. Seriously, have you ever fail to be better in things that you do over and over again? You might have spent a lot of time thinking of how you need to pose your model when you started this but once you have build the experienceFind Article, you will know how to prep your model for the camera with just a single glance.

Courtesy: Articles Factory