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A Short History of Pop and Rock Music

By: Ricky Hussey

You might be thinking when exactly did pop/ rock music started? What is the history of rock? There's no obvious answer to this. A number of may say that it commenced with the beginning of rock n roll with Bill Haley and the Comets in nineteen fifty two. Others will speak Elvis, though not the first but certainly the unique truthfully worldwide superstar. However none of these were actually the first.

Roll n Rock has its family in blues which has its roots back to the 19th century with black immigrants trying to run away from their slave motivated lives. Quick forward to the early 20th Century and many of the earliest recordings on 78 began to emerge. Players from this era like Robert Johnson and Bobby Jo helped to build the arrangement of early blues.

Robert Johnson has recorded only 30 songs throughout his small life as he was prevented from getting right fame while living by being poisoned by an envious husband. He died soon before he was being required to come into view at the 'Spirituals to Swing' performance in 1938 by record producer John Hammond.

As an outcome, his status only took off after Hammond published an album of his recordings for Columbia in the starting of the 1960’s. Afterward blues exponents such as Eric Clapton and Muddy Waters admitted borrowing deeply from these primary stalwarts.

In 1950's, artists take the essential blues style and used drums, double bass and electric guitars for the 1st time making early roll n rock, afterward recognized as rockabilly. Stalwarts such as Buddy hollies, jerry lee lewis and Chuck Berry were the mainly well-known protagonists here. Afterward Elvis in the United States and to a smaller amount, Cliff Richard (later on leading the Shadows) in the United Kingdom brought roll n rock to really universal spectators. This cemented the method for the 1960’s strike period which can be measured the factual commencement of pop composition as we identify it nowadays, surely as far as bands were concerned.

In the 1950's and starting of 1960’s, it was typically direct solo artists with just a support group. With the arrival of the beat period, bands conquered with The BeatlesArticle Submission, The beach boys and the Rolling Stones from the United States taking the globe by storm. Still The Beatles afterward admitted being greatly influenced by those prior roll n rock and blues artists.

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